3 Reasons Why Hunting with Us is Great

Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge offers some of the best natural SC deer hunting experiences in the Savannah River area. Ask us about the hunting packages we’ve put together to help every one of our guests to have an excellent time and get their hunting fix in while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Fairfax, South Carolina area. guide

Our hunts can be well worth the money that you pay for them. So many of our guests tell us that they’re glad they went ahead and paid for the experience, rather than taking the same old hunting trip they’d always been accustomed to.

Here are some of the reasonswhy our visitors love our hunting experiences.

A Range of Options

We help to accommodate every hunter, and set every hunter up for success on your SC deer hunting trop. For example, we offer tree stands and ground hunting opportunities for those who don’t want to climb the stand or have trouble with climbing. This is just part of the support that we give our hunters, offering ground blinds or elevated tower blinds from 12 to 15 feet. All of these locations are strategically located, and near to where deer are likely to approach.

Saving Time

It often takes quite a bit of time and effort, as well as strategy, to organize your own hunting trip.

You may have to do your own research to really get a good shot at a deer, or transport a lot of extra gear from home. At Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, we provide many different kinds of SC deer hunting support, as well as guest facilities that will make it easier to start your day, with a continental breakfast before 6 a.m. We also offer various kinds of leisure activities in the afternoon.

Hunting Guarantees

Another great part of what we offer at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge is our guarantee of opportunity. Our policy is to offer additional free hunting times to visitors who, as a group, don’t get a realistic opportunity at a deer or hog on our premises.

This makes guests feel like they really have the ability to make sure they get their money’s worth. Everybody knows how disappointing it is to come away empty-handed from a trip, without even a shot at an animal. That’s part of why we built this guarantee into our offers, and why our guests value our SC deer hunting options.

Talk to Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge about available times and schedules and to have visitors here in South Carolina low country for natural SC deer hunting experiences.