3 Valuable Pointers for Deer Hunters

South Carolina deer huntingAs any experienced hunter can confirm, successfully bagging a deer can be tricky for novices and first-timers. This is why it’s essential to arm yourself with the proper knowledge before setting out on your next hunt. As is the case when hunting any other animal, you’ll need to utilize a number of tips and tricks to ensure a fruitful hunt. Deer hunters who are determined to return home with a sizable bounty would be wise to heed the following pointers.

1. Be Wary of Your Prey’s Nose

When engaged in South Carolina deer hunting, never underestimate your prey’s sense of smell. Since these animals have very keen noses, it’s in your best interest to stay upwind of any deer trails you come across. If a deer comes across an unfamiliar scent, it’s liable to make a hasty escape. Deer also have very sharp eyes and ears, so if you spot one approaching, do your best to remain motionless.

2. Hunt at the Ideal Time of Day

The breeding season, which generally lasts from late October to November, is the only time of year most deer are active during the day. That being the case, an off-season afternoon deer hunt is practically guaranteed to end in disappointment. For best results, off-season hunts should take place in the morning or evening.

3. Pay Special Attention to the Kill Zone

When preparing to take your shot, make a point of aiming for the kill zone — i.e., four to six inches behind the front-left elbow. A shot to this area is likely to hit the heart, which will result in a clean kill and ensure minimal suffering for the animal.

While it’s true that luck factors into deer hunting, it’s by no means the only thing that determines a hunter’s success or failure. Putting time-tested tips to good use can help produce favorable results on your next big hunt. With this in mind, remember to hunt at an opportune time of day, aim for the kill zone when taking your shot and never underestimate a deer’s sense of smell.