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Using Dirt Scents for Deer Hunting

Using Dirt Scents for Deer HuntingAre you not interested in deer hunting with urine scents? If the thought of sitting around all morning smelling urine is just not your cup of tea, there are other options out there! You can choose dirt scent spray to cover up your smell and help you have a successful hunting trip.

There are many ways to get a dirt scent for your trip. The simplest way to do it is to invest in a store-bought spray. There are many options out there that mimic the smell of fresh earth that is all too familiar. If you are located in the area where you’ll be hunting, you can make a scent for yourself. All you have to do is collect aromatic plants from the area, boil them, and put the strained solution in a spray bottle. With this spray, the deer will only smell the scents that are in the area. It’s important to make sure that you spray everything you are bringing with you, as one odd smell may ruin the entire trip.

When you are ready to go deer hunting in South Carolina, you can plan a visit to the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. We offer excellent guided hunting trips in the Lowcountry on a private piece of land. Contact us today to learn more about available hunting dates.

Choosing the Right Scents for Deer Hunting

Guided Hunting Trips | CedarKnoll.comAre you preparing to head out on a deer hunting trip? Before you do, you may want to invest in one of the following specialty hunting scents:

  • Doe Urine – Throughout the year you can use doe urine scents to lure bucks. Typically, this urine scent lets them know that the area is safe to visit, relaxing deer as they pass by and giving you the chance to take a shot. It works best earlier in the season when bucks are still in groups and haven’t become as competitive yet.
  • Buck Urine – When bucks are starting to get more aggressive and curious, you can start to use buck urine scents along with deep grunts and rattles to lure bucks into your area. In this case, the bucks feel challenged by this scent and is ready to search high and low to find a trespasser on his territory.
  • Doe Estrus – This scent is best used during mating seasons. If you have started to notice bucks chasing does around your area, you can use this around your setup to cover your scent and attract bucks to your location. Many people who have used this scent at the right time have managed to get the biggest buck of their hunting career.

When you want to go out hunting deer in South Carolina, you can plan a visit to the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. We offer unique guided hunting trips during deer season, as well as boar and quail hunting opportunities.

A Comprehensive Hunting Experience

hunting in south CarolinaGoing out and hunting on your own is fun, but sometimes you want to have something more. You want to hunt in a place where you can rest assured that you will have access to opportunities that you wouldn’t have in public locations. When it comes to hunting in South Carolina, specifically deer hunting, book some time at the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. We are ready to provide you with a distinct experience.

The huge difference between our hunting lodge and other lodges in the area is that we offer comprehensive hunting packages on private land. This means you won’t have to worry about competing against everyone else in the area. Instead, you’ll have access to 3,000 acres of intensively managed, game-rich, prime low country habitat. Additionally, you’ll have access to our wonderful lodge accommodations! Deer hunting goes from August 1st all the way to January 1st, so we recommend that you start planning a trip today if you are interested in hunting for deer.

Our lodge is located near the Savannah River, just south of Fairfax, South Carolina, in the beautiful low country. Contact us today to inquire about our available weekends. We are confident that you’ll have a great time hunting with us!

How to Eat Your Venison

south carolina deer huntingOnce you’ve gone deer hunting and you’ve gotten your deer, you better believe that you’ll have plenty of deer meat to eat. Naturally, you’ll want to enjoy it in a variety of ways, so we have researched some of the many amazing ways to enjoy venison:

  • Venison Chili – Paring ground venison with meat like beef and pork makes a unique and hearty meal. Make a big pot of the chili and have a bunch of friends over for a meal on a cold evening!
  • Venison Roast – You can a venison roast for any special holiday or Sunday dinner. Cook your venison with bacon on a bed of vegetables like onions, carrots, potatoes, and celery. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to make delicious gravy with the pan drippings.
  • Venison Steaks – When cooking steaks, it’s important to let your meat age a bit and cook it rare. Most people cook it with plenty of salt, as well as oil and butter.

If all this talk about cooking venison has made you hungry, then it’s time to go hunting! Deer season is happening right now, so have a unique South Carolina deer hunting experience at Cedar Knoll. When you hunt with us, you’ll be able to hunt on private land!