Deer Hunting in South Carolina: Trips from Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge

South Carolina has some great wide open lands, and can be a unique spot for deer hunting and other kinds of game hunting. Hunters who are looking for the best spots for white-tailed deer hunting in South Carolina can also benefit from some other types of planning that can help make a hunting trip great.

Budget the Hunting Trip

One of the first steps is to try to figure out what the hunting trip will cost, both in terms of travel, and including other kinds of per diem costs and the cost of cleaning and transporting successful kills. Hunters should also plan for the cost of licensing, maintaining gear and equipment, and even the dressing the animal or animals. Experts recommend penciling in several hundred dollars per day for a hunting trip, and understanding what it’s really going to cost before you go.

Early to Rise

Good planning starts with the early morning. The best hunters ensure they are in their hide or location before daylight. It’s a good idea to plan a full-day itinerary including mealtimes — in a private hunt, hunters may go back to a private cabin for lunch — on a sponsored or hosted hunting trip, meals are often provided at a specific location.

Best Choice of Firearms

It’s also important for hunters to look at what types of firearms they will be using for deer hunting in South Carolina. At Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, we recommend using a minimum of .243 caliber, and using a rifle with a modern light-gathering scope. We also provide elevated deer stands at up to 15 feet for hunters.


Hunters always have to be mindful of the number of deer and types of deer that they are licensed for. However, sometimes that’s not the problem — what if you don’t even get a shot? On our hunting trips, we also offer a guarantee of at least one shooting opportunity, and in the event that a whole hunting party doesn’t get an opportunity, we offer reduced-rate extensions.

The Hunting Season

Hunters have to pay attention to the appropriate hunting seasons as set up by state game and wildlife commission. Look at the scheduled dates for deer hunting in South Carolina and set your schedule accordingly.

These types of tips can set you up well for a trip to go deer hunting in South Carolina. Talk to Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge about a trip to the Savannah River area.