How to Increase Your Chances of Bagging a Buck This Deer Season

South Carolina deer huntingFew things are more disappointing than coming home from a hunt empty-handed. Hunters of all stripes spend the year eagerly anticipating deer season, and closing out the season without bagging a buck or doe can prove immensely aggravating. Fortunately, arming yourself with the right knowledge can increase your chances of having a fruitful deer season. Hunters determined to go home with a cooler full of fresh venison should put the following pointers to good use.

Use Your Prey’s Sight to Your Advantage

Since a deer’s eyes are located on the side of its head, it has a solid 310-degree view. Luckily, a crafty hunter can use this to his or her advantage. Staking out a position in an area that breaks up your outline can prevent your prey from fully making you out. Palmetto State residents interested in South Carolina deer hunting are sure to appreciate the many fortuitous hiding spots found on Cedar Knoll’s land.

Hunt at Opportune Times

Deer are most active during daylight hours, so it’s in your best interest to track your prey while the sun is still up. In fact, in many states, it’s illegal to hunt deer before the sun rises or after it sets for the day. In addition to being incredibly dangerous and potentially illegal, hunting without the sun isn’t liable to produce favorable results.

Silence Is Golden

You’ll need to be as quiet as possible when stalking your prey. Whenever possible, avoid stepping on twigs, branches, and other sources of woodland noise. Tearing through the woods with wild abandon is practically guaranteed to send any nearby deer packing.

Even though deer are plentiful during deer season, not every hunter is guaranteed to bag one. However, there are several effective ways to decrease your chances of disappointment. Utilizing the tips discussed above can exponentially increase your likelihood of bringing home a nice big buck.