Hunting in South Carolina: Fun for All Hunters

People from all over the eastern seaboard like to go hunting in South Carolina. This largely rural state has some of the best wild and open land in the region, and beautiful natural environments that appeal to the heart of the true sportsman. But any hunting experience relies on its environment and context — the areas that hunters can access, and the knowledge that’s put into hunting programs.

Abundant Wildlife

Our area is home to diverse populations of native wildlife, making it ideal for hunting in South Carolina. Larger animals like deer and boar coexist with different types of smaller games such as quail, turkey and squirrel. A vibrant population of white-tailed deer is just part of what visitors to the area will see, including one of the highest documented densities of deer in a country with over 200 deer per square mile.

A Scenic Backdrop

In the Savannah River area around Fairfax, South Carolina, the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge represents some of the best of what the South Carolina low country has to offer. A central Lake View plantation is surrounded by the equestrian riding tails and RV facilities, as well as open hunting lands. Much of the flat and forested area is perfect for wild game hunting in South Carolina, and specifically set up to accommodate hunters.

A Track Record of Wildlife Experience

As well as having experience running hunting businesses for many years, top management at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge also hold particular credentials in wildlife management. They’ve been written up wildlife magazines such as Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, worked on research projects with The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and have worked with local universities and government offices for cooperative wildlife study efforts.

All of this knowledge and research acumen helps to provide local and visiting hunters with an experience that’s based on knowledge about the land and the animals that run free on it — from times a day to suggested firearm calibers, staff at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge have worked to put together a program that sets hunters up for success and helps to provide a unique and authentic experience in the wild for hunting in South Carolina.