Essential South Carolina Hunting Information

Enjoy the best of the best when you visit Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge on your next hunting trip. Located near the Savannah River south of Fairfax, South Carolina in the beautiful Lowcountry, our lodge features the top hunting service for hunters of all types of wildlife, including South Carolina deer hunting, as well as boar, quail, and turkey trips. To learn more about specific South Carolina hunting information, call our hunting lodge in South Carolina to speak with a member of our staff.

Visiting South Carolina Low Country
Trophy deer, wild boar, turkey, and quail hunting in the South Carolina Low Country is a special experience when you come to us. Lakeview Plantation has served as the home of the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge since 1985. Here, you can enjoy warm Southern hospitality and an opportunity to relax in total privacy.

Where the Owner’s Experience is Key

Since 1985, Lakeview Plantation has evolved into one of the most intensively managed hunting properties in the southeast region. Our broad-based habitat management program and unlimited supplemental feeding program are both designed to enhance all types of wildlife, which makes white-tailed deer, wild boar & bobwhite quail hunting in our South Carolina location unique. In addition, hunting lodge guests are the beneficiaries of the owners’ vast experience acquired over their more than 30-year span as owner/operators of our hunting lodge. Guests benefit from the following unique experiences of our owners:

The accumulative harvest of 9,000 deer, 1,500 wild hogs, and thousands of quail since 1985.

Research projects with the following:
Clemson University
The University of Georgia
The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources
The Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study in Association with Charles Ruth in 1988

Charles Ruth, who is now the Deer and Turkey Project Leader with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, did his Master’s Thesis on the management approach that owner Hayward implemented on Lakeview Plantation in 1985, in comparison to other approaches that were being employed across the country. Charles then became the wildlife biologist at the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge from 1989 through 1995, before going to work with DNR as the Deer Project Leader.

Contact us to learn more our hunting lodge in South Carolina. We offer South Carolina deer hunting throughout the country, but are especially suited to folks along the I-95 corridor including those from Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont.