Making the Most of Your Time on Guided Hunting Trips

Getting away from the world and having a nice hunting trip is very important for many people. When you go hunting, you want to make the most of your time. The Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge is proud to present you with guided hunting trips, allowing you to efficiently hunt deer, wild boar, and quail on private land in South Carolina.

When you go on one of our guided hunting trips, you can rest assured that you will have a fabulous time. We provide you with an incredible lodge and recreation hall that includes comfy sleeping facilities, a dining hall, and RV park. When you stay with us, you will be able to wake up rested and ready to go hunting first thing in the morning.

The most prominent benefit of going on our guided hunting trips is that we take care of all of the details. We feature skilled hunting guides who can direct you directly to some of the best hunting areas. Because this is private land, you will not have to worry about other hunters ruining your trip. We are so confident that you will be able to find the game you are hunting that we offer a success guarantee. Speak with us today for more information about this guarantee.

Our lodge is located on a large amount of property, just south of Fairfax and near the Savannah River. We use the latest scientific developments to manage the game on our property, including an extensive supplemental feeding program that ensures the game is plentiful on our property. Whether you have been hunting for many years or are headed out on your first hunting trip, we assure you that this is the optimal land for a great hunting trip.

Start planning your hunting trip with us today! Contact The Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge to request additional information about our guided hunting trips. It does not matter if you are hunting with a small amount of people or heading out with the family, our lodge will be able to provide you the information you need to plan the perfect hunting trip.