Providing Deer Hunting in South Carolina

For hunters who simply load up a truck and venture into one of the wild open parts of their county or state during deer season, one hunt might be much like any other. But those who have experience deer hunting in South Carolina at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge know that there really are a lot of ways that a good company can set up hunters for success — and that can make all the difference.

You might like the idea of the “simple hunt” — just going out by yourself and plugging away at whatever you see out there — but on the other hand, you might get tired of cold days cramped in a stand without a single shot at a buck, or trouble with transporting an animal far afield.

Here are some ways that Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge supports those going deer hunting in South Carolina at our attractive Savannah River location.

Small Groups

At Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, we limit the number of hunters to 10 or less at a time. This gives everybody an opportunity at a shot, and helps make your experience deer hunting in South Carolina great. Our concept is to make sure that each individual visitor has a good time on the hunt, and feels like they were really supported and able to make the most of their trip.

Hunting Calendar

Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge also offers hunting trips at specific weeks during the season, in order to help give everyone a better chance at snagging a deer. With deer hunting in South Carolina throughout August, September, and December, as well as more available times through the months of October and November, our visitors get good access to deer populations.

Opportunity Guaranteed

Because we’ve set up the hunts this way, we’re absolutely sure that you’ll get a shot at something during your guided hunt. That’s why we offer a discount on return days to anyone who hunts in a group that does not get access to an animal.

Combination Hunts

Another interesting feature of Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge guided hunts is a combination hunt, a chance at pursuing two different kinds of game. Our visitors love the combination deer/hog hunts, as well as a combination deer/quail hunt that goes on from November 1 through the end of the year. Take a look at the different types of hunting that we offer, and the amenities in our lodge, to see how you can have a great single day or multiple day experience out there in the field, looking for deer or other game.

Talk to Cedar Knoll about opportunities for deer hunting in South Carolina.