Shoot White-Tailed Deer on Guided Deer Hunting Trips

Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge is one of the most popular white-tailed deer hunting destinations in the state, and it’s easy to see why. We offer this opportunity for guests to explore more than 3,500 acres of forest in search of the perfect bucks, as well as comfortable lodgings and guided deer hunting trips for hunters that prefer a more direct approach to scoring serious game.

However, we also know that not every visitor at our lodge is familiar with white-tailed deer hunting in South Carolina. That’s why, in addition to guided deer hunting trips, we’ve collected some valuable information every aspiring hunter should know before setting out. Even experienced hunters could learn a few new things, so read on to find out more about white-tailed deer and our recommended strategies.

As the most populous, hoofed animal in North America, white-tailed deer are plentiful. In fact, their numbers have grown so large that many states depend on hunters to help curb their population. You’ll find these critters throughout the country, but whether you’re hunting near a local forest or a private hunting lodge, you’ll have to tailor your strategy to that group’s habitat and routine.

Most hunters aim to take down the bucks, male deer, with as many points as possible. The number of points on a buck’s antlers is representative of their age – naturally, meaning the ones with more points are mature, smart, and difficult to kill. On average, guests at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge bring home a white-tail with around 8 points. You’ll have the opportunity to shoot your own during your upcoming guided deer hunting trips.

Many hunters struggle to find the perfect spots for shooting bucks. That’s because these deer are always on the move. You need to be able to track these fast-moving mammals, or you need a guide. Talk to our staff to learn how we can escort you to the best spots on our spacious private hunting grounds – you won’t waste a minute searching for signs of deer.

Searching along rivers and other bodies of water, fields, and thickets increase your chances of spotting a white-tail. Be sure to stay low and keep quiet – these deer are easily startled. If you’re embarking on one of our guided deer hunting trips with friends and family, your guide will let you know when to start treading lightly. Contact us to start planning your guided deer hunting trip.