Simple Ways to Improve Your Skills for Deer Hunting in South Carolina

Build your skills when you go hunting in South Carolina at the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. Our lodge is proud to offer guided deer hunting trips for individuals of all skill levels. When you hunt with us, you will learn all about deer hunting, building skills that can be used on later trips. Our team knows that many hunters want to improve their skills before heading out on their next trip, so we have put together this list of simple ways you can improve your skills before going deer hunting:

  • Learn to Hunt Silently – One of the best ways you can improve your hunting experience is learning to hunt quietly. Stepping through fallen leaves can be hard, but once you have reached your blind, you should be moving very slowly to minimize the amount of sound you make. Staying silent can mean the difference between a disappointing and successful trip when you go hunting in South Carolina.
  • Use Natural Scents – For many years, hunters have been using the tarsal glands from killed deer to lure live deer to their location. If one of your hunting buddies has a fresh kill, you can ask them for the hocks of the deer if they are not using it. Additionally, you can freeze the hocks of a deer for later. When freezing them, make sure that you vacuum pack them.
  • Time Your Hunt – Did you know that most deer are active during the early morning, as well as during dusk? These are certainly some of the best times to plan your hunting trips. If you are hunting early in the morning, you will want to set up near the bedding area. Evening trips mean hunting near the areas where the deer typically feed. As long as you stay downwind from the deer, you should have success hunting during these times.

Have fun hunting in South Carolina when you plan a trip to the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. Our lodge provides guided hunting trips, focusing on deer and wild boar, as well as quail hunting. Read more about our fantastic lodge, as well as our private land, and start planning your trip today. We are confident that you and your hunting buddies will be pleased with your trip.