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What to Look for When Choosing a Hunting Lodge

IMG_2290Whether you are an experienced hunter or are new to the sport, hunting trips can be an exciting way to vacation. While you might be thinking location and type of game is the most important decision, booking a lodge that is right for you can make or break your trip. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Lodge amenities are a significant factor to weigh before booking. Ask about if you will be camping, sharing rooms, or will have private spaces. Also, ask about what they provide in regards to meals and supplies. Some will provide a list of what you should bring!
  • Be sure you ask about what licensing the lodge has, what your guide has, and what licensing you should have for the trip. Not only does this affect pricing, but it can also cause you to run into a few issues before your hunt if you aren’t licensed properly.
  • If you have anyone who is not hunting in your party, make sure there are activities at the lodge or nearby for them. Most lodges have some on-site activities, but see if the surrounding area has any major tourist sites or things to do.

Just by taking time to ask the right questions, you can save yourself and your group frustration. Be sure to read up and even call the lodge you’re interested in before booking. For a Southern hospitality style hunting experience, contact us! At Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, South Carolina, we’ll make sure you experience an exciting, hassle-free hunting trip!

Welcome to the Cedar Knoll Blog

19541064484C752B99Hunting is a thrilling adventure and there is no place better than the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge in Fairfax, South Carolina. For more than 25 years, hunters from around the world have come to our lodge to hunt deer, wild boar, turkey, and quail. Located in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry, this lodge is the perfect place for hunters of all experience levels.

When you come to Cedar Knoll, you’ll be able to work with guides that will put you in the best position to hunt wild hogs and deer. All you have to do is round up a group of your hunting friends and come experience the best Southern hunting scenario in the country. When you visit our lodge, you’ll stay in our comfortable, fully-furnished facilities and enjoy amazing meals that will make you wonder why you have not visited Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge before. You can rest assured there is no doubt you will have an exceptional trip, as because the staff at our lodge is one of the nation’s leaders when it comes to white-tailed deer and wild boar hunting techniques.

Don’t wait to plan your next trip! Contact the team at our hunting lodge in Fairfax, South Carolina, to book your stay today.