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Learning How to Shoot

South Carolina Deer HuntingAre you interested in hunting but not sure about using a rifle? Here is some important information for you:

  • Visit a Shooting Range – One of the best places to learn about shooting a rifle is your local hunting range. Many local ranges provide gun training and safety courses, helping people of all skill levels improve their shots.
  • Ask a Friend or Family Member – Do you have a good friend or family member who loves to hunt? If you are too embarrassed to ask a stranger for hunting lessons, you can most certainly ask someone you already know. They can share tips and tricks with you, as well as go to the shooting range with you to show you what you need to know.
  • Watch Gun Training Videos – There are many different gun training videos available online to help you learn how to properly shoot a gun. Take some time and do some research to make sure you are watching a video that will provide you with valuable information.

Start hunting today when you schedule a guided hunt at the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. Our lodge offers unique South Carolina deer hunting opportunities for individuals who have just learned how to shoot a rifle, as well as people who just want a distinct hunting experience.

Advice for Saving Money on Hunting Clothes

South Carolina Deer Hunting | CedarKnoll.comAre you getting ready to hunt but trying to save money on new gear? Take a look at this great advice for finding affordable hunting clothes:

Don’t Worry about Finding Matching Gear – Did you find a camo jacket that you like at a price that can’t be beat but the matching pants are too expensive?  We have good news for you! Animals do not care if you wear matching brands. Feel free to match up a great jacket with a pair of pants from a different maker.

Shop for Other Outdoor Clothing – Did you know that camping, hiking, and other outdoor gear companies make selections that look exactly like standard hunting gear but are available at a lower price? Take a look at your local camping and sporting goods store and you may be surprised at what you find in the non-hunting sections.

Shop the Clearance Rack – There is nothing wrong with heading right to the clearance rack when seeking hunting gear. If you spend some time looking all year long – particularly after hunting season – you’ll have no problem finding jackets, pants, and more at a price that won’t break the bank.

Once you have your hunting gear together, book a guided hunting trip at the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. We are proud to offer exceptional South Carolina deer hunting opportunities.

Your Deer Hunting Experience

DCP01434When you visit the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, our team works hard to make sure your experience is as near perfect as is possible. From providing you with great food options to making sure you are in the best position to meet your goals while in the heart of the nation’s best deer country, we are confident that your South Carolina deer hunting trip will be fantastic.

A typical deer hunting trip features a wakeup call one hour before daylight. During this time, you will be given the opportunity to prepare for the hunt and eat a continental breakfast. We then take you out to our elevated stands, tower blinds, or ground blinds for about three hours. After that, we offer brunch and a wide variety of activities. Afterwards, the afternoon hunt is held for three hours and we serve you a large dinner. Please note that, when hunting with us, you will need to bring rifles of a minimum .243 caliber that should be topped with modern, light gathering scopes. These scopes should be zeroed at 100 to 200 yards for a successful experience.

It is our duty to make your South Carolina deer hunting experience perfect, so contact us today to book a trip for you and your friends. Our lodge caters to hunters along the I-95 corridor, including Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Vermont.