The Science of Hunting – Hunting in South Carolina

To a lot of people, hunting doesn’t really sound like something that you use your head for. It sounds like something that’s more based on a brawn and grit kind of thing.

But in reality, people who are experienced and knowledgeable about hunting in South Carolina know that as physical and thrilling as the hunt is, there’s also quite a bit of brainpower involved. Hunting is a skill — and something that can be improved with a refined technique.

At Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, we understand that there’s a lot that goes into hunting in South Carolina or anywhere else. That’s why we have put a big effort into making our lodge the best it can be, and taking a strategic approach to setting up our hunters when they go out each day.

Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge owners have immense experience hunting thousands of animals over the past 40 years. But we also have experience working with institutions like the Clemson University and University of Georgia, as well as the state agencies like the Southern California Department of Natural Resources. These collaborations with schools and scientific departments matter, just like our practical experience does. All of it enhances what we can bring to the table for guided hunting in the Savannah River area.

Guest Scholars

We also welcome individuals who have a lot of knowledge about hunting in South Carolina and other areas, partly in a vocational role. For example, Charles Ruth was wildlife biologist here from 1989 to 1995. Ruth wrote a Master’s thesis on management approaches for our type of business, and worked in the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources before coming here to serve guest hunters for over a decade.

At Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, our visitors are set up in specific ways to promote successful hunting in South Carolina. We use small group hunting strategies, tactical hunt timing, and animal management strategies to make sure that our visiting hunters have the opportunities and experience that they want.

Take a look around our website to see how we support hunters, and all of the amenities that we offer in the Savannah River area, a scenic attraction for hunters and others interested in the natural beauty of our state. Read about our various hunting packages and options for making hunting in South Carolina as enjoyable as it can be.