Tips for Deer Hunting in South Carolina at Cedar Knoll

If you’re looking to go deer hunting, South Carolina is the place for you. With its diverse landscape, endless forests, and some truly remarkable wildlife, South Carolina is the type of environment that hunters dream about. At Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, you’ll find one of the largest deer populations on the East Coast.

Our lodge participates in a yearlong supplemental feeding program that’s designed to increase and consolidate the deer population in one convenient location. Our hunters experience a higher rate of success than they would anywhere else. Experience the magic of deer hunting in South Carolina Lowcountry and come to Cedar Knoll.

What Makes for Better Deer Hunting in South Carolina?

Great deer hunting in South Carolina starts with a great location. Cedar Knoll gives you access to over 3,000 acres of properly managed Lowcountry. Our feeding program brings in more deer year after year than you’d find on your own. When hunting for deer in the wild, it’s important not to overwhelm the deer’s natural habitat. We limit our hunting parties to no more than 10 hunters per group.

Our experts also know when and how to find deer in the wild. Our hunting tours are based on prime deer hunting times such as during the mid-afternoon, early in the morning and late into the evening. We also carefully limit our hunting trips to a few sporadic weeks during the fall and winter. This helps us ensure a higher success rate of 70 percent for bucks 2.5 years and older for every one of our guests.

More Bang for Your Buck

At Cedar Knoll, we strive to give all of our guests a better hunting experience. If you come back from your hunting trip without an opportunity to shoot at a suitable animal, we will be happy to waive the hunter’s fees and only charge you a flat rate of $150, the price of accommodations and food, the next time you stay at Cedar Knoll.

Maximize the number of deer you have access to on your next hunting trip and book a room at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. Deer hunting in South Carolina is heating up fast. Reserve your spot today!