Why Guests Love Combination Hunts

Those who are looking for a great South Carolina deer hunting experience or other kind of hunting trip can contact Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge to talk about getting out in the South Carolina low country to hunt for deer, hog, quail and more. We excel in offering our visitors a true hunting adventure with every trip — let us help you to plan your next hunting excursion.

One thing that our guests really love is our combination hunts. To a lot of people, this is something new. It’s not your grandpa’s hunting trip, where you shivered in the cold waiting for a doe or a buck, and then went home. This is something else entirely.

With a lot of wild stock in the local area, we can offer combination hunts, where guests can get a shot at multiple kinds of animals in one trip. We offer combination South Carolina deer hunting and hog hunting, as well as a combination of deer and quail, or the combination of quail and hog. We also offer our ultimate combination of all three animals, for example, with up to 12 quail in the morning, and a deer and a hog in the afternoon.

One reason this appeals to our guests is that it gives you more different kinds of hunting experiences. You learn how to target different animals, and the technique behind each one. You get a more diverse adventure to talk about when you get home, making your South Carolina deer hunting trip more exciting.

Combination hunts also change the nature of the experience. You don’t feel like you’re just tracking the same thing all day — and in the same time, you’re getting more of a chance at a real South Carolina deer hunting achievement. It’s all part of the comprehensive hunting experience that we offer guests — from our collection of guest support facilities and amenities, to our combination guided hunts and hunt guarantees, we allow visitors to really save time and effort and do more with every day that they’re spending out in the wild.

That’s because we know that your time is valuable, and you only get so many vacation days per year. We want to make them great. Talk to Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge about South Carolina deer hunting this year.