Why You Should Consider Hunting in South Carolina

-11648387655F21D323Many hunters think that they have to go exotic or the same locations their friends go to, in order to have a successful hunting trip. But many overlook locations that are right in their backyard! Hunting in South Carolina is a fantastic option to consider when looking into your next vacation. Here’s why:

  • South Carolina has a huge range of game! Anything from bear, dove, coyote, fox, quail, wild hog, even alligator!
  • Did you think we forgot to mention deer? South Carolina has one of the largest deer seasons in the United States! From August to January, you can guarantee you’ll find a trophy that’s worthy of bragging.
  • There’s more than just hunting! From historic locations, such as Fort Sumter and Charleston, to the pristine coastal areas of Hilton Head Island and Myrtle Beach, you’re sure to enjoy a variety in your vacation.
  • Still looking to get lost in the outdoors? South Carolina has public land worthy of camping, hiking, and fishing!

No matter if you’re looking to bring home your next trophy, spend some time fishing, taking in the sights or a combination of the three, South Carolina is the place for you. Hunting in South Carolina can give you and your family plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories.

Considering a hunting lodge for your next trip? Cedar Knoll is a premier lodge that specializes in deer, hog, and quail hunts with Southern hospitality. For more on our accommodations and hunts, check out our contact page!