Wonderful Guided Hunting Trips in South Carolina

Experience one of the best guided hunting trips in South Carolina when you plan a visit to the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. When you hunt with us, you will have the opportunity to shoot deer, boar, and quail in the beautiful Savannah River area on private land. Many guests who have hunted with us have said that their trip is worth the money, as they are able to get an opportunity to take an actual shot at game without having to worry about other hunters ruining their experience.

One of the best reasons why our guided hunting trips are an excellent choice is we cater to hunters of all skill levels. For example, we offer comfortable and safe hunting blinds, making sure you are not seen but giving you the chance to hunt without having to worry about climbing into a tree first thing in the morning.

Another great reason to plan a trip to our lodge is that we take care of the details for you. When you book a trip on your own, you have to worry about booking a place to stay, finding the supplies you need to go out hunting, and making sure that you have all of the hunting paperwork taken care of before you head out. When you plan a trip to the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, you will be able to stay in a comfortable lodge and hunt alongside our experts who will provide you with the gear you need for your adventure.

Booking a trip with us also means that you will receive a guarantee of opportunity. This means that we guarantee you will have a realistic chance to take a shot while hunting. We know how disappointing it can be to go hunting only to come back empty-handed. If you do not get a chance to shoot, you will be able to come back to our lodge at the non-hunters rate next year.

Call us today at (844) 868-5348 for more information about our guided hunting trips. We cater to a wide array of hunters, including hunters from Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, and Vermont. We are confident that you will enjoy your trip to our lodge.